Syndication Compensation

As mentioned on the platform description page (click here) $5.00 per month, per subscriber is designated to content syndication for content distributed through ENTV. This syndication fund is evenly and equally distributed to all contracted programs/shows within the network with a maximum payout of $0.50 per subscriber, per month.

So, for example, if ENTV is distributing/syndicating ten shows through the network, each show producer would be paid $0.50 per subscriber, per month. At 1,000 paying subscribers and ten shows, each show producer would receive $500 per month as a syndication payment. 10,000 subscribers would equate to $5,000 per month, per show.

Obviously if a show or two were adding to the schedule the syndication payout would decrease, but each show producer benefits when new programs are added because the network becomes more attractive to new potential consumers/customers.

Remember, every subscriber gets instant, on-demand access to all content on the network. The more content we have available, the more valuable a subscription becomes for paying customers of ENTV. And while there is a cap on the amount of “rev-share” a show producer receives per subscriber ($0.50 per month), there is no cap on the number of subscribers paying into the syndication fund.

Meaning, if and when ENTV reaches 100,000 paying customers and there are ten shows in the schedule, each show producer is allocated $50,000 per month for syndication through the end of the initial contract (syndication contracts are generally structured by season/annually/twelve months).

In other words, the more we all work together to build the platform and the content it delivers, the more everyone benefits… including the consumer!