Episodic Program/Show Openings

The following episodic programs are on the drawing board as we speak. If you have experience in one of these narratives/storylines, have the ability to film your own footage (we help with post production and some production depending on your ability to travel with our production crews) and think you might have what it takes to host a show for ENTV… let’s talk!

Click here for information on auditions.

The programs below are being planned and are in need of hosts.


Does your kitchen and/or camp always smell delicious and healthy? Do you enjoy creative recipes that are easy for the average traveler, don’t require a lot of energy to create, don’t need a ton of space and can be whipped up on the go? Do you love to create meals, desserts and drinks based on the holiday theme on the month?

If so, do you like to share these ideas with others while doing so in front of a camera?

If your answer is yes to all of the above then Open Road Recipes – Season 1 may be a great fit!


For many travelers/nomads, moving about in boats, vehicles or airplanes can be quite challenging. But imagine traversing thousands of miles with nothing more than the power of your legs propelling you across the open roads!

Most don’t know this, but many have taken on the incredible challenge of riding a bike across the entire continental United States! Not only is this a journey of extraordinary physical hurdles, it can also be a path of constant mental battles. If you’re in a car, have 30 miles to travel to seek shelter from a storm or heat, for example, that 30 miles is not a big deal. If you’re on a bike with all of your belongings attached to it, however, you’ve got to figure something out and fast.

The story of those who travel long distance on a bike is amazing and we’re looking forward to telling it in The Long Grind – Season 1 exclusively on ENTV.

The list below consists of categories we would like to entertain syndicating. We would love to hear your ideas!

  • Full Time Traveling Family Show (No Working Title Yet)
  • A Month In The Mountains – Full Time Hiking For 30 Days Straight (No Working Title Yet)
  • The Open Road Entrepreneur¬† – A Program/Show About Running A Business While Full Time Traveling

We have room for more! We’re currently entering production for our first three episodic programs and seeking hosts for the five listed above. Meaning we have two slots available and they’re both wide open.

Click here for information on auditions and send us your ideas!