ENTV Platform

EPIC Nomad TV is a digital content distribution network that will soon function very much like other streaming platforms you probably use when consuming content online. Networks like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Our platform will eventually stream to a wide range of end-user applications using products like Hulu, Firestick, iOS, Android and others. And, of course, high definition streaming via the main ENTV website will always be available.

Our business model uses a hybrid of revenue generated streams. Two revenue tracks serve is the primary financial support system for the network itself.

  1. Free Ad Supported Content
  2. Premium Subscriber Supported Content

A big part of our mission is to always be open and transparent about the business model. Both for content consumers and content producers. While in an ideal world everything would always be free with no strings attached, that ideal world isn’t the real world. The ENTV platform is very costly to develop and maintain. And producing high end content requires a lot of of overhead that simply cannot be avoided. Production insurance, production permits and hard costs for production equipment and post production suites simply cannot be ignored.

Some of our content will be made available for free. When free streams are available it will be supported by minimal, non-intrusive visual ad placement. The majority of our content will be premium subscriber-only programming available exclusively to paying subscribers.

Our price point is set at $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually (two months free… essentially).

$1.00 per month, per subscriber is allocated to processing fees, bandwidth and streaming infrastructure. $1.99 is designated to ENTV for overhead, infrastructure and content production costs.

$5.00 per month, per subscriber covers syndication costs and is paid out to content producers (syndicated hosted shows).

Click here for more information on syndication compensation for show hosts/producers.